International Film festival Thessaloniki Greece
From 2 to 12 November 2017

November is a special period for Thessaloniki. Different and very interesting events take place. Among them the international film festival Thessaloniki founded in 1960.In this festival with the international reputation, many awarded film maker from all over the world participate. The whole city, especially the areas around Aristotelous square and the port, is full of inhabitants and tourists .They enjoy the special atmosphere of the city during this period see the celebrities such as film makers, screen writers, actors, singers, journalists, reporters, models who are visiting Thessaloniki for the filmfestival. Visiting Thessaloniki this period is a must. Your visit in the city for the film festival can be fruitfully combined with a lot of other activities. Many different city tours can attract your interest. A day tour around Thessaloniki tasting the traditional food of northern Greece, a day tour to the wineries of the area are among the various activities that can be accomplished during your staying in Thessaloniki for the period of 58 film festival.