Who is not time-conscious in our days? Time is precious and we all want to make the best of it especially when vacationing and our free days are nothing to waste. Here is where YOGA RETREAT comes in with enticing challenges: You are promised time to relax, to find peace of mind, to meditate, to gain energy, to have fun! And all this in a most healthy, invigorating way.
    Most of us go to a gym for practice, but with YOGA RETREAT you get something different; something unique. The benefits are doubled. Working-out en plein air and amidst the scenic, fragrant pine trees which combine with the sea breeze to enhance your sense of well-being is beyond comparison. The direct contact with nature refreshes your mind, changes your mood and attitude, rids you of your stress and anxiety and leads you to new feelings of serenity, and satisfaction. The calmness and happiness that build up in your inner self help boost your mental richness and raise your sense of fulfillment.
    All yogis tend to eat healthy, but here, in our YOGA RETREAT you are guaranteed the healthiest: food cooked with fresh ingredients, produced at home and locally , and free of suspicious substances! Vegans and vegetarians are equally and carefully catered for. We pride ourselves on having an eye for detail, so we organize everything meticulously, and we make it our ultimate goal that our yogis are not in the least distracted by inappropriate attractions like cheese burgers and French fries, but also that they don’t miss out on anything serious.
    In our Yoga Retreat you are offered not simply classes with inspirational,supportive instructors but you are encouraged to share time with them outside the class. You are welcomed to ask them questions and seek further advice on very personal issues that you may be faced with. In general you are made to feel free to speak to them throughout the retreat period about yoga and wellness.
    Sharing with others, meeting new people and making new friends are all elements of our Yoga Retreat. Here you are offered the opportunity to get to know people who definitely have the same interests, hobbies, expectations and ways of life and thinking as you. So it is only natural that you will be practicing together and doing all the activities in the spirit of togetherness.
    Here the prevailing spirit is that you are treated as a house and not as a hotel guest. It is our policy to make you feel AT HOME; that’s why we are offering first class hospitality in a cosy, warm and friendly atmosphere which will render it impossible for you to forget, but which, instead ,will make it a constant challenge to remember.
    Our friendly instructors are more than prompt to give you tips to follow once the program finishes. They will encourage you to put all the things you have learned during our Yoga Retreat into practice in your daily life. Because it is our utmost concern that what you practiced here will accompany you in future and that you won’t fall back into bad practices once the program is over.
    If you don’t have time to practice yoga as much as you want in your everyday life, Yoga Retreat is your best choice as it gives you the opportunity to practice yoga more in depth in the designated period of your choice. Also you are likely to be motivated to aim for the next level, which can well happen shortly afterwards.
    Planning your own vacation can be a really tough and exhausting task; but in a yoga retreat everything is ready for you. Our Yoga Retreat offers you the chance to escape from your constant everyday worries and promises to let you rediscover the energy you need to re-undertake your business after you have exposed yourself to a deep session of relaxation, concentration and introspection.
    The daily exercise that you will be getting at our Yoga Retreat is the very essence of your health. Not only will you feel the difference in your body’s overall health, but you will feel it even more in your whole psychology. The feeling of wellness and the sense of a relaxed mind ready to respond to new challenges will accompany you for quite a long time after you have left.

The combination of the above does not only bring harmony to body and mind but it also serves another purpose: It will bring awareness to your life, to your desires, to your targets and to your expectations; it will help you see through some of your thought patterns that don’t seem to work for you and it will miraculously give you the required strength to change them; and by so doing, you will change your reality, your perspectives and your overall lookout on life.

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