Travelling is an experience which every person in this world wish to have at least once a year. There are people who choose to  travel by plane, others by train, boat or bus finally there are people who prefer to travel by their own cars. Whatever can be the means that they will choose to travel they all are interested to have a relaxed and intriguing travel enjoying good and healthy food.

The problem is that usually when you are travelling it is difficult to find healthy, tasty and economic snacks. A Healthy snack is really an adventure in touristic places. Most of the snacks offered by the stores are full of mayonnaise, very fat cheese or meat. Our goal for our travelers is a comfortable and nice trip. We think that healthy food is one of the most important factors to succeed our goal. Because eating healthy can assure that travelers will be full of energy, strength and always in a good mood. Things absolutely necessary to promise an unforgettable trip. So we thought to propose some very useful ideas in order to help you make your trip easier and pleasant.

The first think that you must know is the categories of super foods. To prepare your healthy snacks you have to choose through this categories: Vegetables, fresh fruits, dried fruits, cereals and zymosis products. In the first category you can choose between fresh pepper, carrot and cucumber sticks or cherry tomatoes .There are also dried vegetable sticks that you can prepare by your own or you can buy in appropriate shops. Of course in sandwiches you can use leaves of fresh green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli green salad or sweet potato and avocado.

In the second category there is a very big range to choose. Fresh fruits as apple, banana ,pear, grapes, mandarin all very easy to carry .There are also dried fruits very healthy and very practical to carry such as dried apricots, prunes, sultanas, cranberries, goji berry, acai berry, walnuts, almonds  etc.

In the third category you can choose between whole grain bread, oat, oat barres, cocoa products etc. and finally

In the fourth category if you wish something to drink you can take with you the most healthy drink ever KEFIR.

One think you must take into consideration is that the food you will prepare to take with you depends on the mean you choose to travel. It is easier for example when you travel by plane to take with you in a small bag  dried vegetables or dried fruits because is very difficult to carry with you a sandwich  or a salad through the control points. In all the other cases thinks are easier. So we give you same examples of healthy combinations for the cases that you travel by train by bus or by your own car.

Many times most of the travelers forget to take with them something to eat during the trip. Usually they stop in the first shop that they meet and they buy biscuits, cakes, chips, pizza, pies, sausages chocolates and foods that have nothing good to offer in the organism. This is a wrong thing to do. The most right thing to do is to  prepare something by yourself. Is the only way to know what exactly you eat.


If you travel in the morning you can start with a very healthy drink, Kefir. This drink will keep you almost until noon and you will not need to eat something else. If your not fond  of kefir then try a yogurt with an apple and cinnamon if  you don’t like yogurt then you can have a fruit or a fruit juice oat biscuits and if you don’t like this solution too you can have a mix of dried vegetables sticks or dried fruits. The portion of two dried apricots and two prunes is quite enough.

In the meantime if you feel hungry you can have just one fruit. For the lunch time if you are still travelling you can have a sandwich or a salad.


There are thousands combinations that you can make. Here we propose the most simple and easy to carry. It is better to use whole grain bread.

  1. So two slices bread two spoons cottage cheese two cherry tomatoes
  2. Two slices bread two slices of an avocado and two slices chicken or turkey
  3. One tortilla covered with olive spread put in leaves of green salad small carrot sticks and sticks of light yellow cheese

Cover two slices of bread with light cream cheese add  fresh peper sticks and fresh basil leaves and you are ready.

HEALTHY   SALADS                                  

1)100GR Tuna in water, six leaves green salad, a small cucumber, rings of onion, fresh sticks of pepper one spoon light yogurt with mustard and paprika.

2)One quarter of a boiled  cauliflower  one carrot, spring onions one spoon olive oil, two spoons mustard six spoon yogurt end two boiled eggs

3)six carrots. One onion in rings, two avocados half cup peanuts without salt two spoons oil two spoons balsamic vinegar basil leaves

4) two eggs six cherry tomatoes pepper sticks two spring onions one cup boiled corn two spoons olive oil one spoon balsamic vinegar mustard and Persil leaves

All these proposals helps to have real  healthy food, easy to prepare easy to carry and the most important food that helps you to be full of energy concentrated if you drive your own car and ready to enjoy everything your trip offers. Of course you can make by your own thousands of combinations. The only thing left is to wish you a very exciting experience hoping that our proposals will help to organize better your travel.