Our journey with URANIA TRAVELcontinued from the city of Marrakesh, to that of Essaouira.

The route was very pleasant and not too long. Halfway there, we made a stop, because the guide wanted us to see a remarkable spectacle. We were curious. What could that be? A few minutes later, we found ourselves in front of place full of argan trees. Goats were standing on the trees, eating argan fruits. The famous argan oil comes from this fruit. Argan oil is extracted from the fruit of the Argania spinosa tree, which is indigenous to Morocco.

After this rather cute spectacle, we visited a women’s association, where they explained everything about the production of the oil, as well as various of its byproducts (for example, body oil, soaps, cooking oil, creams, etc.).

I have always believed that people born or raised in places with access to sea, have a special bond with it. The cities built by the sea have a different aura. They offer visitors a sense of surrounding energy. Almost everyone in our group felt that when we reached Essaouira. Once we laid eyes on this city, we felt overwhelmed with energy and warmth and felt happy to be at a place that reminded us of our hometown, something that I believe is due to our contact with water.

Essaouira, which was formerly called Mogador, is a seaside city in west Morocco, on the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean. The first thing you see upon entering the city, is the ocean. The combination of the vast blue with the majestic rocks and the beautiful port with the light blue fishing boats, create a scenery of unprecedented beauty. The wild rocky landscape, the calm port and the ocean, sometimes fierce and others still, make everything special through contradictions. Lots of tourists visit the port. They do not miss a chance to take photographs of the landscape and the local fishermen that are now accustomed to tourism.

The center, “medina” of Essaouira has been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The city is surrounded by imposing fortifications in the color of the sand. The castle and small white houses, like the ones we see on Greek islands, are significant   attractions of the city                                              

Walking in the center of the city, you think you are starring in a Hollywood movie. The image of seagulls flying low, the various “souks” (alleys), which bring something from the past in mind and where various works of art are being sold. All visitors will undoubtedly stop in each corner, either to admire or to buy paintings or wooden sculptures of African or Berber art. The Essaouira market is ideal for purchase of leather products in very good prices, silver jewelry and wooden creations.

Essaouira is a fairytale city, ideal for surfing lovers, and all those who want to eat fresh fish with a view of the Atlantic Ocean.