Travelling is beneficial!

Travelling opens your mind! Enlightens your senses! Enriches your knowledge different cultures. When you travel is like investing in yourself. You are exposed to new people, new lifestyles, new ways of thinking than the people you are used to in your homeland. This makes you feel more open to new insights and the way you see the world and living. You have a new purpose your life! So if you feel stuck on what your purpose and how you want to proceed in your life just go travel you might just surprised about what you discover as a new sense

of life purpose and direction. 

These are only a few of the benefits of travelling. Contrary to these there are some people that either avoid travelling or travel very little. Their commonest excuses can be summarized as:

Economical reasons

Most People are afraid that they will spend a lot of money on a trip so they keep postponing  it! THIS IS NOT TRUE Nowadays in 2018 you don’t have to be rich to travel. Travelling is for everyone. You just need to have a good plan! If you advice from the experts in advance (uraniamaastravel agency) they can help you find the perfect trip for you that is not going to cost a fortune! There are numerous ways to travel on a budget .It can be done on a minimal budget customized to you.

No free time, you need to work

This is the second commonest excuse for those that do not travel. It is only a matter of organizing. Occasionally it is not only our shortage of free time but  also the fact that it has to bealigned with the free time of the rest of the beloved family or  friends to accompany us  in order to make it satisfying experience. All these, in the vast majority of the cases, are a matter of scheduling.  It not always necessary to participate in a long lasting travel. You can just have a short trip, even that can make you feel better and have a

better mood.

   Fear of getting tired and Homesick

In most cases when you travel you return back full of energy! The experience of the trip makes you feel rejuvenated! Homesickness is unavoidable temporary feeling. Your travel pushed you out of your comfort zone. Of course these are no reasons of ruining your adventure. On the contrary most  of the times this helps the travelers to appreciate home more when they back home eventually.

No free time to plan and organize the trip

You feel that travel planning can be devastating and time-consuming, particularly if it is a long distance one.  You don’t know where to start and how to plan it. On the other hand you feel down? Your daily routine has become exhausting? You need some change. Just take a couple of days off. There is no   and you do not need to be anxious of organizing   anything. The experts (uraniamaastravel agency) are there to assist you and organize it with you for you and eventually built up a trip based exclusively on your needs.

No one to travel with

As everything in life this also  has its  pros and  cons. They are entirely personal and vary in different periods. You don’t have a travel companion? This is not necessarily a problem! Solo travel is common nowadays! Many travel bloggers suggest that you should travel alone and  they say that is their favorite way to travel as well! It is so liberating! For those that insist that they want company and don’t have any friends and family to go with, we propose group travelling. We can propose and book group travelling in so many different destinations depending on your preferences. You will not feel alone with group travelling, you

will meet new friends that have similar interests with you and you will enjoy the benefits of visiting a new destination!

Dont speak the language

Not speaking the language of the country you are visiting is not a problem! It is one of the charms of travelling! Occasionally it may be  an extra source of fun.

Language barriers are simple to overcome particularly when you travel within a group. There is always a local travel attendant. If you are travelling solo or with friends and family, Google is the answer. You can also learn some phrases before you start your trip or you can even download some apps for languages that you can use in your whole trip.


If something goes wrong in your trip and you get injured or sick, you will have no one to help you! This is not true!In order to feel more comfortable we can provide you with travel insurance depending on the country you are going to visit. In most cases travel insurances are not that expensive!

Forget all the excuses for not travelling  and be more active! By travelling you will gain more self-confidence, you will make new friends, you will create new skills, you will gain your independence and mostly you are going to have FUN!