Greece: a country everyone should visit at least once in a lifetime!

Reasons for visiting Greece: many, but here are the top 10.

1. Sights and Monuments from Ancient times

With an impressively rich and long past,Greece has been a pole of attraction for many people around the world throughout the centuries. Its fascinating, influential and glorious past, together with its unique monuments and UNESCO heritage sites, has made the country a must for tourists from all corners of the world and from all walks of life. A visit to one monument or site will convince you.
Among the most outstanding attractions are the archaeological site of Delphi, the dazzling Acropolis museum in Athens, the stunning Byzantine monuments of Thessaloniki, a climb up to Olympus, the sacred mountain of the 12 Olympic Gods, which separates the Southern from the Northern part of Greece.
Further important historical monuments not to be missed in Greece :
The outlandish Meteora – an astounding bulk of tall, imposing rocky mountains, dotted with monasteries on their tops, jutting up from the ground of Kalampaka, Dion in Northern Greece , Vergina (connected with Philip –Alexander the Great’s  father) in Northern Greece , Mycenae and Ancient Olympia in Peloponnese, Knossos palace in Crete and many more.

2. Delicious food

Greek cuisine is Mediterranean, which means virgin olive oil, olives, fresh vegetables, fresh fish, meat, poultry, cheese, various pasta dishes and pies, many traditional dishes, lots of juicy fruit, irresistible delicacies, special wines, and very special sweets. All these combine to offer a gastronomical experience that even the hard-to-please will find unforgettable! One thing is for sure: you go back home and you will be dreaming of the meals you had in Greece!
It is often said that people in Greece don’t eat to live but they live to eat; and indeed this is the case: Greeks t have turned eating into a ritual. A meal always has the potential to become a socializing, a festive event, even a small party!  A lunch or a dinner can last for hours! People come and go and the more people around the table the better! Anyone walking by will be invited to join in and share what is laid out on the table.

3. Exquisite Greek wine

Did you know that Greece is one of the oldest wine producing countries in the world? Wine played a very important role in ancient Greece and it still does. Ancient Greeks worshipped Dionysus, the god of grape harvesting, and winemaking in whose honor  rituals were held with all sorts of merry-making and a kind of religious ecstasy.
Greek wine is unique. Of course varieties like Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Cabernet are found here, but they are often blended with the local varieties like Assyrtiko, Savatiano ,Moschofilero in whites and Xinomavro, Agiorgitiko, Kotsifali in reds. What makes Greek wines, though, extra attractive and very challenging is their low price. You can find quality wine in Greece for around ten euros or less. With twenty euros you buy a top-class bottle of wine that in another European country would cost you three times as much.


4. Nightlife

Greece is unparalleled in nightlife. The party never stops here! It is a paradise for those who love nightlife and who want to make the most of it. The choices offered are tremendous and highly enticing, especially in cosmopolitan places like Athens, Thessaloniki, the Cyclades, Rhodes, Corfu and Crete. Hardly anyone can resist the lure of beach bars, café-bars, and clubs pumping out their rhythmic music under a glorious star-studded sky; and the neat, warm  cafeterias, taverns, and restaurants with their prompt and friendly staff will go out of their way  to satisfy all tastes in more than one language. One can start with a refreshing cocktail, beer or wine, depending on  the mood, and end up clubbing until early in the morning! Electro, Ethnic, Latin, rock, mainstream Greek folk  music plays at all bars in the islands, mountain villages and all the vibrant Greek cities. Throughout summer vacations, the latest House and Top 40s  are heard in clubs  and guest DJs from all over the world add to the spicy night entertainment.


5. Hospitality

Hospitality in Greek translates into “philoxenia” which literally means to be friendly (philos) to the stranger (xenos).
“Philoxenia” or hospitality is deeply rooted in Greek people’s culture and nature. The ancient Greeks even had a special God for this concept (Xenios Zeus) who, together with goddess Athena Xenia, protected all those who came from other states or cities (“xenous”, strangers.)
So, when you come to Greece , be prepared never to feel lonely, stranded or unwelcomed! Even in the off-the-beaten-track regions, if you get lost, you will definitely find someone to take you in, to help you or to give you the right tips  about directions! You also stand good chances of striking new friendships if you are in the mood for it! Most Greek people will be thrilled to help foreigners, give them travel tips, and have a drink together!

6.Perfect climate

Greece has perfect climate throughout the seasons; neither too hot nor too cold! This encourages visitors to enjoy their holidays to the full, undeterred by any unexpected whims of the weather. All kinds of activities can be entered upon by those willing to have a taste of anything new or mainstream and by the daring ones who seek something challenging or extreme to raise their levels of adrenalin and provide them with a sense of adventure.

7.Beautiful nature

The glorious green mountains with their lush forests, the diverse flora and fauna, the rich wildlife, the pristine, exotic beaches with their crystal blue waters, the serene lakes, the serpentine quiet or wild rivers, the big and small waterfalls and the natural reserves found all over, all combine to make Greece  a superb natural attraction. Magnificent landscapes and vistas unroll to the eye, be it on the road, a dirt track, from up a hill, or from a boat bringing you to your island of choice. GREECE HAS IT ALL ! GREECE CATERS FOR ALL TASTES!!


The Greek sea, full of vitamins, and the soft golden sand of its beaches will add a  tremendous bonus to your overall healthIf you are fond of summer vacations and you dream of relaxing by the sea, GREECE is your place!


Greece is bathed in sunshine throughout the year. Whether it is winter or summer that  you visit here, you will never miss the glorious sun.



Holidays in Greece are affordable! You will always get good value for your money; whether you want to enjoy a luxury vacation or a low-budget one, you will find it cost-effective. Prices for food, wine, drinks are low, and the same applies to accommodation and car rental.

11.Language of communication

Greece is an English speaking country, so forget about “it’s all Greek to me”!  You will find no difficulty in communicating with the locals, since nearly everybody speaks English. Asking for directions, ordering in a restaurant, asking for information, shopping or bargaining will be a piece of cake in Greece. In some touristic places employees speak more languages besides English, like German, French, Russian ,Italian and others, depending always  on  the region.

12.Caution / Useful Tips

A holiday in Greece is a dream-come-true and one never to forget. You go back home rich and revitalized with all those special memories of basking on a golden beach, of savouring  fresh fish and the accompanying delicacies, of partying and clubbing under the clear sky! And you only want to retrace your steps back here. Experiencing a Greek holiday ONCE hides ‘dangers’:  It can make you addicted!

So, you are warned: