Themed Vacations

Ancient & Modern Greece

Ancient and Modern Greece packages are packages which include visit in the major archaelogical sites in Greece.It is well known that people all over the world visit Greece in order to see at close hand the origing of western civiliazation.

Mykonos 6 days Greece


Cooking Vacation

Experience unique cooking vacation in Greece.Learn all the secrets about Greek cusine and return back home with the best cooking recipes!

Cooking package


7 days 6 nights

Wine Tours

Enjoy and learn about Greek wine! Taste and experience the way Greek wine is produced! On Our wine tasting tours and and wine tours you will visit local wineries,talk with the owners or oinologists and have wine tasting sessions with them.

Outdoor Activities

Combine your vacations with sports! Greece is the ideal place to combine physical exercise with leisure! Take a look at our outdoor activities and choose the one that is better for you!

City Breaks

The best ideas for relaxation and getaway is a city break!

City break


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