A morning transfer will take you to Vradeto village (1,300m alt). From there a mild "flat hike" will lead you at the most impressive view point of the Vikos gorge. After a short break at the view point, and after coming back to Vradeto village, a one hour downhill hike through the famous Scala Vradetou cobbled path will bring you at the Kapesovo village for lunch. Hiking for the day: 3,5 hours (9 km,300 m elevation gain).
A morning transfer will take you to Koukouli village (900 alt). From there a downhill hike will bring you to Kipi village for a short break and from there another 2,5 hour hike will lead you to the picturesque village of Dilofo. The hike involves three beautiful traditional villages and six of the most spectacular stone bridges. Hiking for the day: 3 hours (8 km, 250 m elevation gain).
There are alternative options addressed to more experienced visitors such as the crossing of the Vikos gorge etc and also options addressed to less experienced visitors such as the Voidomatis hike etc.
according to your interests!!!
Price of Days 1,2,3: 12 euro per person
Minimum number of persons: 4
Maximum number of persons: 8 for routes around the villages and 6 for routes on the alpine zone (over 1300m).
The workshop ANO KATO invites you to the magical world of sheep wool. One seminar session lasts 3-4 hours and participants are contacting with all processing steps: washing, carding and woollen creations by means of various traditional techniques like weaving on loom, knitting needles, felt, natural dyes on the sheep's wool and natural fabrics like silk ponge, chiffon, cotton gauze. Finally you are going to create your own fabric with felt technique. The cost of attending this seminar is 25 euros per person for a group of 6-7 persons.
Tour around the Glinavo's vineyards and the initiation to the fascinating world of wine and tsipouro lasts approximately one hour. The tour sets off from vineyards, so that the visitors get the chance to have a direct introduction of the unique grape varieties. The winery comes next, where the visitor will be guided through the wine-making areas, the aging caves (cellars), the bottling facility and finally to the wine-tasting salon where the guests taste the wines and the traditional delicacies.
Next visit is the historic monastery of Prophet Elias which is located on the top of the hill right next to the winery. The walking path through the forest of closely planted pines and wild oak is one of the most beautiful in the region of Epirus. In the monastery of Prophet Elias and more specifically in the chapel located therein, the visitor can admire numerous paintings of rare value.
Last visit in Gallery of Engraving at the centre of the village which is a permanent exhibition which reflects the history of modern Greek Engraving of the 19th and 20th century.
Morning visit to ancient theatre of Dodoni (22km far from Ioannina), one of the largest (capacity of 17,000 spectators) and best preserved theatres of ancient world. Next visit to Moni Tsouka at Elliniko village (20km far from Ioannina). It is located northeast of the village on the brink of Arachthos gorge and is the largest pilgrimage of Ioannina. Last visit at the "Theodoros Papagiannis" Museum of Contemporary Art in Elliniko village as well. It includes works which speak of Epirus and its history about bread, the benefactor, the one who is exiled from his homeland, the man of the spirit and intellect, the Epirot craftsman, the shepherd, the farmer, the long-suffering Epirot mother - and about learning
Day of fun in the waters of the cleanest river of Europe. Price: 25 euros per person

Days of hiking, trekking and thematic routes with Tsouka Rossa team!

Hiking and trekking routes vary from easy to moderate and strenuous depending on the experience and fitness level of the group.There are about fifty different options of hiking and trekking routes. Thematic routes deal with:





-Flower observation

-Mushroom hunting


Within the Vikos-Aoos Geopark. Routes are approached through the process of observation, study and interpretation of the geological heritage, the ecosystem and local identity of the area. Εach route is supported by a different narrative structure in accordance to each theme. There are about twenty options of thematic routes.

The packages are available upon request for any week starting from March 1st until November 30th 2015.

The package includes:

  • All transfers according to schedule

  • Accommodation for 7 nights

  • Daily breakfast

  • 1 meal at Kapesovo village

  • Tour at the monastery of Prophet Elias

  • Outdoor activities according to the program

  • Seminar of creating fabric from sheep wool

  • Tour at Dodoni , Elliniko, Ioannina according to the program.


If the schedule does not respond to your needs, it can be modified.


Entrance fees for museums and archeological sites are not included in the price.






All of our packages are flexible in that you can either add or remove days.
You may also combine some of our excursions of your choosing, creating your own packages.
Entrance fees for museums and archeological sites are not included in the price
MAAS, meet and assist us, and U just request and we organize for U


If you are interested, leave us your name and email and we will contact you!

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