Arrival and departure by car heading towards the picturesque city of Goumenissa. Goumenissa lies at the foothills of the beautiful mount Paiko. Its economy relies on the production of good wines. The area has for years been known for its excellent red dry varieties. That’s the reason why so many wineries lie here, known for the production of extra fine wines. The quality of these wines is due to soil composition and the mild climate of the area. These factors create perfect conditions that give us unique wine varieties characterized by such elegance and a pleasant aftertaste.
At Goumenissa we will visit wineries “Chatzivaritis” and “Aidarinis”.
Domaine “Chatzivaritis” winery is a boutique winery that seeks to produce extra fine biological wines. Chatzivaritis Estate is one of the newest Estates in the grapevine area of Goumenissa and biologically grows 12 hectares, mainly with the indigenous varieties xinomavro and negoska. It produces Goumenissa PDO (Protected Designations of Origin) wine, as well as another five PGI (Protected Geographical Indications) labels. The Domaine’s philosophy involves the production of extra fine wines, focusing on the protection of the environment. The visit includes a tour in the vineyards and the winery facilities that will allow you to get acquainted with the production process. Wine tasting of wines produced at Domaine Chatzivariti. Lunch in a picturesque tavern in the area.
Overnight stay at a hotel in Goumenissa. Dimosthenis Traditional Guesthouse. Dimosthenis Guesthouse provides all modern comforts of home for a pleasant stay and is situated at the heart of Goumenissa.
Departure for a visit at the archaeological site and museum of Pella. The drive is less than an hour. In the museum that the travelers visit after sightseeing on the archaeological site, they are able to mentally reformulate the archaeological elements the monuments provided and understand the various aspects of everyday as well as public life of the Macedonian capital.
Return to Goumenissa to visit “Aidarinis” winery. Another notable winery in the Goumenissa area that seeks qualitative improvement and upgrade of its products. The visit includes a tour in the vineyards and the vinery facilities that will allow you get acquainted with the production process. Wine tasting of the wines produced at Domaine Aidarinis.
We will then head towards Florina. Just outside the city of Florina, and near Xino Nero village, we will have lunch in a spectacular restaurant called “Kontossoros. We will have a taste of the local cuisine through delicious specialties and unique flavors. Overnight stay at a guesthouse in the area.
The day begins with a visit to the Alpha Estate winery. The Alpha Estate is located at the northwest part of Greece, in the Amyndeon, Florina region. The Amyndeon area is blessed with rich soil and beneficial climatic conditions, which favour the winery’s production. It is surrounded by the mountain ranges of Kaimaktsalan and Vitsi, while it neighbors with the beautiful Petron and Vegoritida lakes. It is a modern winery, situated in the heart of the wine-growing zone of Amyndeon, which seeks to produce high-quality wines by using only the strongest grape bunches in its vinification procedures, while always respecting the ecosystem and the wine lover. A lot of varieties come out of this winery, but the variety Syrah is the one that stands out. During your visit you will be taken on a tour of the estate’s vineyards and facilities, through which you will be able to get acquainted with the production process. A wine-tasting of the estate’s products will follow, after which the group will depart for its next destination, the city of Kastoria.
Kastoria is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Greece, with a rich history and a well-preserved traditional character. Important monuments from the Byzantine era survive in the city of Kastoria, an element which, when combined with the uniquely beautiful lake of Kastoria, paints an amazing picture which is bound to attract even the most demanding traveler. The city is also famous for its exceptional quality fur and leather clothing industry.
Following breakfast, you will have the free time to get to know the city. The manors of the city which date back to the 17th century are of a particular interest, as are the 20 million year old fossilized forest and the Cave of the Dragon, which contains seven underground lakes, ten rooms and five corridor-tunnels.
Following this interesting acquaintance with the city of Kastoria, the group is scheduled to have lunch in a restaurant near the lake. The rest of the afternoon is free for you to spend as you wish. The group will spend the night in Kastoria.
The group will depart in the morning to the town of Metsovo. Metsovo is a traditional mountainous settlement in the Pindus mountain range, which has justly won the title of the most traditional settlement of Greece. It is famous for its livestock production, as well as for its production of two cheese varieties, the metsovone and metsovela cheeses. Metsovo is also widely known for its wine production. For that reason, we will visit the most famous winery of the area. Situated at an altitude of 1,150 meters, the “Katogi Averoff Hotel&Winery” maintains the highest altitude vineyards in Greece. It is an enterprise combining wine production with tourism, seeking to marry qualitative wine with art and hospitality. During the visit at the winery you will be able to participate in an original audiovisual tour of the wine production process and the history of the estate, followed by a visit to the vineyards and a wine-tasting of the winery’s products. At the end of the visit you can either dine at the premises of the winery or at a picturesque tavern of the area.
After visiting the Averoff winery, you will have the time to get to know the town of Metsovo. Make sure to admire the traditional, stone-built manors, the old monasteries bearing skillfully-preserved murals of a unique beauty, the traditional fountains and the picturesque cobblestone paths. You can visit some of the many museums and art galleries and dine in one of the little taverns found around the village’s square.
The group will be accommodated for an overnight stay in the Katogi Averoff four-star hotel, a traditionally-built property providing beautiful and comfortable rooms which are sure to offer you a cozy accommodation.
In the morning, the group is scheduled to visit Domaine Glinavos. This winery is situated in Zitsa, Ioannina. It is a modern winery aiming to produce high-quality wines and distillates by using mostly regional varieties of the Zitsa growing zone. Such varieties cultivated in the estate’s vineyards are the “Vlahiko”, “Bekari” and mostly the “Debina” white wine variety. The producers at Glinavos claim that wine is “bottled poetry”, believing that each wine has a story to tell: the story of its variety, maturation, and vinification, of how the rain, sun and earth helped it come into being. During the visit the group will participate in a tour of the winery’s facilities and vineyards, followed by a wine-tasting of the estate’s products. Dinner will succeed the visit, either at the premises of the winery or at a picturesque tavern of the area. The group will then return to Metsovo for an overnight stay.
The group will begin its return journey through Via Egnatia. We hope that this trip has achieved its goal of bringing you in contact with a region of Greece laden with history, a region of remarkable beauty and full of extremely interesting secrets.
1st Option: Visit to Ioannina (2 days) – Optional
Ioannina is the capital city of Epirus and is considered to be one of Greece’s most beautiful cities. Seated next to Lake Pamvotida, Ioannina has a rich story and succeeds in its try to harmoniously combine a historically heavily-laden past with a modern, contemporary character. The alleys, the traditional manors, the squares and countless historic monuments of this city, combined with the region’s unrivaled natural beauty make Ioannina a first-class destination, bound to enchant even the most demanding traveler.
The Perama Cave, the island of Kyra Frosini in the Ioannina Lake, the Ioannina castle, the magnificent old city, the traditional stores and the old mansions are only a small taste of the city’s charm.
A guided tour of the ancient theatre of the area and the Dodona oracle (22 km outside of Ioannina) can be arranged. The theatre has a capacity of 17,000 spectators and is one of the best-preserved theatres of the ancient world.
Visit to the Tsouka monastery (20 km outside of Ioannina), which is considered to be the prettiest and most significant male monastery of Ioannina. The monastery is situated south-east of the village Elliniko, almost on the brink of the Arachthos River cave.
In Elliniko we will also visit the “Theodoros Papagiannis” Museum of Contemporary Art. It is a uniquely interesting contemporary art museum, whose exhibits concern solely the geographic region of Epirus and its history.
Ioannina is a city full of opportunities, which can satisfy all tastes. Nature lovers can enjoy walks in the beautiful scenery, while those seeking a romantic getaway will be thrilled by the boat rides in the clear waters of the lake and the strolls around the charming old city. The boldest of travelers will undoubtedly find delight in the extreme sport possibilities offered, which will give them the chance to lose themselves in the wilderness. The group will be accommodated in a hotel in the city of Ioannina.

2nd option: The Zagorohoria (2 days)
The Zagorohoria, a network of 46 traditional villages, is aptly named the jewel of Epirus; Zagorohoria have a unique picturesque and hospitable character and are surrounded by lush green forests and rivers. Seated in an area of unrivaled natural beauty, Zagorohoria are known for the distinctive architecture and the historic bridges. They offer unlimited options for all kinds of activities, whether of an athletic nature (climbing, canoe/kayak, rafting), nature-loving (walking, riding, trekking) or spiritual (visits to monasteries and institutions). The group will be accommodated in one of the Zagorohoria villages, the Ano Pedina village.

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